Developing strategies for community outreach and public relations.

Community Outreach

Our first step to implementing a major public program is to develop a comprehensive Community Outreach and Public Relations Strategy for informing and educating the community about the program’s purpose and eligibility requirements. Our approach identifies the program’s target audience and public perception and provides us with the opportunity to clarify any misconceptions within the community. It also provides a better understanding of the receptiveness and resistance in the community to the program’s execution.

The development and management of public information is a major component for any community outreach program and it is very important to provide a clear and productive message. False or misrepresented information, as well as sociological barriers are common challenges that must be overcome. We have developed outreach material covering all program issues and can customize its literature and media to meet any client’s specific program needs. We have even played host for major community events and block parties focused on creating program awareness, gathering participant information, and building trust with community members.

Services we provide for community outreach include:

  • Public Information Meetings
  • Community Workshops and Seminars
  • Homeowner Relations Development
  • Homeowner Associations, Groups and Civic Leadership Meetings
  • Program Brochures, Handouts
  • Direct Mailers
  • Door-to-door Surveys
  • Community Program Newsletters
  • Program Website Hosting and Development
  • Public Relations Management
  • Data Collection
  • Community Meetings
  • Community Education, i.e. workshops and seminars
  • Homeowner Relations Development
  • Association and Civic Leadership

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