Avigation easements grant aircraft the right to fly, land, or take off in unobstructed navigable airspace above a parcel of real property.

Easement Acquisition

All of our easement acquisition services are provided in full accordance with the 49th Code of Federal Regulation, Part 24 (49 CFR 24) which establishes a uniformed approach that public agencies follow when acquiring easements.

Homeowners that participate in Noise Mitigation Programs are typically required to sign an avigation easement prior to receiving sound insulation treatments. An avigation easement may also be acquired through a Purchase Assurance/Sales Assistance/Transaction Assistance Program or through a stand-alone Easement Acquisition Program. Our team works with the Airport, communities, and property owners to provide an easy integration and understanding for these types of programs.

Services we provide for avigation easement include:

  • Nominal Value Easement Studies
  • Cost Estimates and Plans
  • Budgets and Schedules
  • Appraisal and Review Appraisals
  • Title work
  • Lender Subordination and Consent Agreements
  • Closings
  • Legal Recordings

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