Designing and managing programs to address noise issues.

Noise Mitigation

Noise Mitigation / Sound Insulation typically involves the installation of acoustically rated treatments such as windows, doors, and sound damping insulation to residential homes and other noise sensitive structures such as schools and churches. The objective of Sound Insulation Programs is to reduce noise impacts on communities and improve the quality of life for residents who live near areas with significant noise levels. It can also increase property values, energy efficiencies, and real estate desirability.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acknowledges the issue of aircraft noise by providing grants through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). These AIP grants support a variety of noise mitigation measures designed to reduce or eliminate the impacts of noise on communities surrounding airports. We specialize in assisting entities with the planning and implementation of federally assisted Noise Mitigation Program measures and have led the industry in the development of new approaches and tools for managing sound attenuation, easement valuation, and other noise related program issues. Services we provide for noise mitigation include:

  • Acoustical (Noise) Testing and Design
  • Architectural Design Development
  • Avigation Easement Applications
  • Bids Documents Preparation
  • Community Relations Outreach
  • Contractor Selection
  • Cost Estimating and Controls
  • Environmental Testing
  • FAA Grant Application Assistance
  • Inspections and Permits
  • Parcel / Homeowner Database Management
  • Program Administration
  • Program Information Brochures
  • Program Planning
  • Program Policy and Procedures Development
  • Title Research and Easement Recordings
  • Turn-Key Program Management
  • Ventilation Design and Specifications

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