Relocating displaced residents and businesses as part of programs that require land acquisition.

Relocation Services

Relocation Assistance – an extraordinarily sensitive and difficult undertaking – involves moving occupants and contents from their home or business to a mutually approved location. Our relocation services are carried out under the precepts of the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOPE VI Program and the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (Uniform Act), as amended. Our in-depth knowledge in these areas ensures that clients receive a smooth and timely relocation and that displaced families and businesses receive all of the advisory services and assistance they are entitled. Relocation cases can be complex and varied from long standing private businesses to apartments to mobile home parks to multi-phase programs involving large residential communities.

Relocation assistance may also include the development of a relocation plan and other important processes or documentation. Additional services may include tenant liaison services, translation services, assistance in re-housing displaced tenants, and compilation and maintenance of all required documentation. Services we provide for relocation assistance include:

  • Relocation Planning
  • Assessment Interviews
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Housing Market Surveys
  • Comparable Housing Market Studies
  • Homeowner Claims Processing
  • Moving Cost Estimates
  • Records Retention
  • Reports

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